What is a  ╳design approach ?
╳ is for : "miXed" "Cross", "eXchange" nothing kinky you perv' :p and here Design meaning :  "a roadmap or a strategic approach for someone to achieve a unique expectation"
For me it started with Art and Design debates. we usually think about these topics antagonistically : Art Asks, Design Answers - Art inspires, Design motivates - Art interpreted, Design understood - Art is a taste, Design is a opinion - Art is about talent, Design about Skill ...  Art V Design, Art VS Design ...
I use to wonder : "Does it mean  a creative designer shouln't asks ? A piece of Art don't give answers ?" For me Design is a crossroads of art, technology and otherthing, the boundaries between art and design are blurred.
This doesn't mean that there is no difference between the two, but It's a choice to focus on commonalities and put away the Versus for seconds (Or Hours). 

╳design approach can be : Art ╳ Design
When artist and designer (re)united to do creative stuff together. When an artist using design for art and a designer let himself be more artist for communicate.
╳design approach can be : Design Student ╳ Professionnel Designer ╳ design teacher
Thinking "simultaneously" as a student, a professional, and teacher whitout common hiearchy. Learn from each other, work with the other, teach to another.
╳design approach can be : In Situ ╳ Online ╳ Transmedia
"Its better or i prefer to meet people in reallife" That mean ... internet is not real ? Are you people on behance not real ? I use In Situ (is a Latin phrase that translates literally to "on site") and online because both are real. Using events, meeting (in situ) to make a bridge between a communitie in situ and an online communities. 
╳design approach can be : Digital Art ╳ Traditional Art ╳ Mixed Art
I really don't get the oppostion between "traditional art" and Digital Art (?) for me Tradition is the action to passing on a culture. For instance there is some difference beetwen animation made in 2D and 3D but this is same tradition / culture. Same thing, different technique.

╳design approach Is about promote exchange, collaboration, sharing in the fields of communication, arts and Design. Is about less antagonism thinking process, thinking "and" rather than "or" "with" rather than "for"
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